Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ClarityClassroom?
An innovative breakthrough software app for teachers to use when presenting information and digital content to students via classroom interactive flat panels (IFPs), data projectors, and screens.
How does Clarity Classroom help?
Your lesson’s learning intention and success criteria remain clearly visible on the screen throughout all your digital lesson presentations, including PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, internet browsers, YouTube content, or any other lesson content delivered digitally.
What are Learning Clarity and Success Clarity?
Learning Clarity explicitly lists what students are learning during your lesson, and Success Clarity describes to students what they must do to demonstrate mastery for this lesson.
Why does it matter?
Teacher clarity has one of the highest effect sizes on student achievement (J.Hattie). Clarity Classroom improves teacher clarity by assisting teachers to develop and display what students are learning (Learning Clarity) and how students will be assessed (Success Clarity).
How will Clarity Classroom support all my students?
High potential-gifted students can demonstrate mastery and access extension opportunities more quickly as a result. Students with attention challenges are kept on task with lesson clarity to minimize distractions and explicit instruction on how they can be successful.
Can I share Clarity Classroom with my colleagues and teacher friends?
Yes, your Clarity Classroom display files can be saved and also shared between colleagues for use across classrooms.
Is Clarity Classroom available for Windows and Mac OS?
Clarity Classroom is currently only available for Windows, and the Mac OS version is under development and will be available soon.
Ok, I’m interested, what now?
Clarity Classroom is available to trial, simply go to to download your free trial copy or purchase a license today and learn more..